MS, Malvern, UK, 2015

Posted by Elizabeth Durrant 09/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Testimonials,

Just to let you know that the swingseat packages arrived safely, and in time - Tuffnells came up trumps and delivered before 2.30pm on Thursday, just as I was about to leave to catch the train. I put the swingseat up single handed yesterday, which took about two hours, at which point is was just the right time to have a cup of tea and a short snooze!


Everything has surpassed expectation in terms of quality, the way it all fits together, and the care in its presentation, instructions, and packaging. I am going to enjoy breaking it in for the next generation, who have been brought up with a swingseat, albeit a vastly inferior model, and now to be consigned to the tip.