Peter Hall , Cornwall, UK, 2014

Posted by Elizabeth Durrant 09/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Testimonials,

Well, it is now approaching the first month since receiving the Idler and unfortunately I must inform you of something that is missing and which should have been included. And that is a warning:


"Charles," Elizabeth calls out to Charles in dismay, showing him the email. "Warning? Warning?" exclaims Charles, utterly defeated, not having read the rest of the message. "What on earth does he mean? I knew he was an awkward bugger." "Beats me," adds Elizabeth. "We've never had to include a warning before. Let's see what else he says. Read it to me Charles, but be gentle, I can't stand shocks." The warning, noted the email, relates to the Idler being dangerous. "Read on, read on," says Charles reaching for the Valium. He is about to take the first handful when he hears what Elizabeth is now reading aloud. “He says never before has he been so pleased with an item, so much so that without a daily fix before bedtime, sleep becomes almost impossible. Time that was already short, has now become even shorter, and that is why the warning should be attached - for those who can't afford to relax in such a delightful way. Do not use the Idler if you are short of time, he says the warning should read . . . “


And there we go. Terrific, and thanks. So glad by the way we got the covering, because now even the seagulls want to join us.