Catherine Passmore, West Sussex

Posted by Elizabeth Durrant 08/12/2022 0 Comment(s) Testimonials,

I cannot express how thrilled we are with our Idler. After months of not being able to have my elderly mother to stay, I promised her a relaxing seat in the garden when she was able to come for the long weekend. It was wonderful to see her lying back in it, to enjoy the garden. The grandchildren see it as a kind of private den. They are able to sit in a long line because the seat is nice and wide. I’ve noticed that adults choose to use the Idler for private, long chats. It’s perfect for intimate conversation. I love it because I can hide in there to watch the garden birds. They don’t seem to notice I’m there and we have some goldfinches nesting in a dense bush near the seat. I’ve just bought a seed feeder to help them along! Many thanks for our already much loved Idler.