Spring 2015

Posted by Elizabeth Durrant 09/05/2016 0 Comment(s) News,

So Spring has very much sprung! Look at this forecast – It looks like we are going to be in for a wonderful Spring/Summer.


Already, many of our Idlers have already made their way to their new homes and once again we are always so struck by just how lovely our customers are. One of the best things about selling these wonderful old garden swingseats is talking to our customers. The Idler is very often a purchase that has been long awaited so when the customer rings to order, they are frequently very excited to be finally doing so (especially the wives if they have finally persuaded their husbands that a beautiful swinging garden sofa is just the ticket! And incidentally fellas – you guys turn out to be just as good at whiling away whole afternoons on their Idler as your wives – who knew!)


So with the promise of a summer just around the corner – we'll sign off with one of my favourite quotes from Bertie Wooster, one of life's great Idlers, courtesy of the great P.G. Wodehouse:


"It was one of those still evenings you get in the Summer, when you can hear a snail clear its throat a mile away"