Chelsea 2009

Posted by Elizabeth Durrant 09/05/2016 0 Comment(s) News,

The Chelsea Flower Show came around quickly again but the creation of our stand was at last getting slicker however our transport decided that it was going to choke for all of the 200 mile journey. Spluttering through London traffic with a stall every few hundred yards made it all the more fun! The van ended up in the hospital this time but lived on to fight another day.


Some of the Chelsea Pensioners were kind enough to model for us on our 'Marine' colour scheme and they looked fabulous! And boy, did they attract some attention. Everyone just stopped and started taking pictures of them!


This time our swing seats were right in the thick of it. We were next to James May's plasticine garden which received constant attention during 'build up' and throughout the show. The Van struck again and seized up and whilst we appreciated Mr May's admiration of our elderly combi our admiration for it had run dry! Television cameras were a permanent fixture and everyone seemed to be coming our way. Royalty dropped by and by the end of the Show we had sold more swing seats than ever before, recession and all!