How big is the Idler?

The Idler is 7ft 6 wide x 4ft deep x 6ft high


Swing seat size


How big is the Cover?


Idler swing seat cover size


Why does the Idler swing seat cost more than other garden swing seats?

Only the finest materials are used to make the Idler. We use traditional craftsmanship to make our pocket spring cushions which takes time and skill. There are 64 springs in each cushion and in total 426 springs are used in each swing seat. The heavy gauge frame is also made from 304 grade stainless steel which is very expensive.

We believe the our swing seat is the best piece of outdoor furniture money can buy. Don't be fooled by poor imitations at the local retail parks. They will not last, are very uncomfortable (please go and try one) and are a pain to pack away and move.

Our family has been using the original swing seat made to the same design for the last 80 years. The frame has, dare we say, not been treated well over the years and although, not best practice, last summer we had 5 adults suspended from it! The Idler is an investment you will not be disappointed in making.

The old phrase 'buy cheap, buy twice' is very true. You should only ever need to buy one Idler.

Are setup instructions available?

Please click here to download the instructions as a PDF file.

How to put up your Idler

How do I put on my arm rest covers?

How to put your arm rest covers on

What is in my boxes when they arrive?

Please click here to see a description of the boxes

Are springs cushions soft?

Springs cushions are just like a sprung mattress, they need to be broken in and must be firm to begin with as they soften with time. If you want to speeden up the softening process you can crush the sides of the cushions to break the coir using your hands.

The cushions are a tight fit on the frame, is this correct?

In short, yes the cushions are a tight fit. This is by design as if they were not, when an invetiable child drops down from the top beam, they would displace. The diagram below shows how to place the cushions when they are tight. You place the center cushion in position then the two side cushions are pushed down either side.

Swingseat cushion fitting

Do you deliver yourselves?

We use a courier firm who are situated right next to our buildings.

Do you ship overseas?

We will ship the Idler swing seat to wherever you want, the cost is calculated on an individual basis.

Can I return it if it's not for me?

We don't believe you will be disappointed with the Idler and we have never had one returned, however if you purchased one and were not happy with it, as long as you return it within 7 working days, after the day it was delivered, in its original condition, you will receive a full refund. The cost of returning the goods is down to the purchaser, however you will receive a refund for all of the purchase costs including delivery charges. Please see the distance selling regulations at www.gov.uk

What do I do with it in the winter/when it rains?

During summer showers we generally leave our Idler swing seat out and we don't treat it with 'kid gloves'. Its materials and design enable the Idler to stay out all summer long. If rain persists just tilt the cushions up so they are fully protected by the awning from angled rain. If rain stays around for hours we use the overall cover but we don't advise running out every time a few droplets of rain appear. The Idler is to be enjoyed and not fussed over.

For the winter we bring the covers, arm rests and cushions into the house and store them under a bed or any suitable dry place. The covers can be left on but the cushions must be brought in as they contain cotton felt that can't stay continually wet. The frame can stay outside however if you want your Idler swing seat to last and last just undo the four thumb screws and put the frame in a shed. Not only will it keep the frame as new but it will also prevent you having to clean it next Summer!

How do I clean the fabrics (please read the entire FAQ)?

The swing seat covers can get dirty especially the overall cover, which takes the brunt of the weather. The canvas isn't magic and will get dirty (just like anything else that stays outside). Dirt from use, rain and tree pollen gets embedded into the canvas fibres. Simply washing in a machine doesn't always remove the particles - the key to cleaning is to target and agitate the 'very dirty' areas and depending on the fabric you have, the cleaning methods are different (the fabric labels are sewn into the inside of the awning or the inside of the side panels):

1 - Polycotton cotton canvas - no PU backing - both sides of the fabric feel the same



Idler swing seat cover washing label 50% polyesyer 50% cotton


Oatmeal / white fabric

  • Soak in a bath of very hot water, the hotter the better. Mix in some bleach (125ml / 1/4 pt). Make sure all the canvas is submerged under water - leave overnight
  • For areas that are 'very dirty', lift out of the bath and rub 'bar soap' (10p soap from Tesco is fine!) into the affected area then scrub with a nail cleaning brush (you don't need to go mad) and put back in the water - leave for another 2 hours
  • Drain the bath water and rub soap into the 'very dirty' areas again!
  • 50 degrees in the washing machine (the cover, if you have one, will fit in!). The bleach will cause a lot of bubbles to form, don't worry. If your machine has a cool down cycle to DO NOT USE IT (Miele machines use cool down cycles)
  • Rinse again in addition to the wash cycle rinse.
  • Dry on the line or on the Idler (best get someone to help else you will end up dragging it on the ground)
  • If still not clean enough, rub soap into the affected areas again and wash in the machine.


Coloured fabrics


As above but use 1/4 of a tub (250g) of Astonish or Oxyclean instead of bleach and use a maximum of 40 degrees in a washing machine. Astonish and Oxyclean are available from most supermarkets and online from many retailers including Amazon.

*Note if your covers have mushroom coloured straps (herringbone tape) these will go peach with bleach. This is a small price to pay for getting a perfectly clean cover with minimal elbow grease. You can get of course get the cover cleaned at a dry cleaners for a fee.


2 - Polycotton cotton canvas with a PU backing (a rubbery coating on one side)



Washing label



As '1 - Coloured fabrics' and do not scrub the rubber surface


3 - 100% Polyester with a PU backing (a rubbery coating on one side)



Washing label



Jetwashing is the easiest method of cleaning the polyester fabric or a hose with your finger over the end (basically a pressured water spray). Do not jetwash the rubber side of the fabric. If jetwashing does not work then as per '1' but the water temperature should be 40 degrees in a machine. Note the mushroom coloured straps (herringbone tape) will not be affected by bleach.



A picture of a cleaned cover against a cover left out for years



Idler cover cleaning


Are any press images available for download?

Certainly, please click here to download a range of images and copy