Folding frame

Many swing seats are rigid and unmovable however the Idler easily packs away - by undoing four thumb screws the whole frame can be folded down for storage or relocation.



Removable Side Panels

The Idler's side panels are detachable and in seconds you can have a distinct change in style.



Adjustable back

Some people like to sit upright, some to sit back. The swing seat back has three positions to give 22 degrees of tilt to suit all requirements.



Adjustable awning

The swing seat awning has 3 positions to provide shade whatever the hour which is particularly useful early morning and late evening when the sun is low in the sky. Or, for any sun worshippers you can leave the awning off if you wish.



Foldable awning

The awning also folds back for people who want to enjoy a little more sunshine.