Delivery slot - 27/05/2021

New Delivery slot - 27/05/2021

Dear Idler Customer,

Please 'buy' a delivery slot for your chosen day. The cost is £0. By purchasing this product you are booking a delivery for the chosen day. 

The delivery is an all day delivery with a company called Tuffnells and is without a timed slot due to the size of the parcels. You can however find your local depot at and give them a call on the day quoting your post code/consignment number to find out more specific details of the likely time of delivery.

When checking out please:

  • Select Payment method "Free Checkout"
  • In the box "Add Comments About Your Order" please specify (if you can) a safe place for the parcels if you are out as redeliveries are charged for

After we book in your delivery you will receive an email with a tracking link and further information. 

You may find the following links are very useful:

The box sizes are as follows:

  • 1 @ 60x60x49: 12.8 KG  (cushions)
  • 1 @ 60x60x49: 12.8 KG   (cushions)
  • 1 @ 70x51x25: 16.1 KG (Armrests
  • 1 @ 66x35x33: 21.1 KG  (Covers)
  • 1 @ 196x35x23: 29.3 KG  (A Frame)
  • 1 @ 187x68x9: 28 KG  (Back & Base)

** Please note that re-deliveries (if nobody is in to receive the packages) incur a 50% charge based on the delivery cost even if the delivery charge was originally waived **

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  • Ex Tax: £0.00