Dr Lesley Degner, Wiinepeg, Canada, 2014

Posted by Elizabeth Durrant 09/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Testimonials,

Just to let you know the Idler arrived safely in Canada and we had a put-it-together party which was great fun but hardly any work so I think the guys were a bit let down!!! Here I am celebrating with a shrimp. Thanks for your wonderful product.


I had the interior designer out yesterday and we are planning the garage conversion to a garden room to accommodate the Idler in winter. You can see my new nickname on the photo. And the overall cover - how very efficient! It was really quite easy to do, once I unzipped the front and back panels. I am only 5 ft. 3 inches, so I hurled the main part over the top as you recommended, and then zipped in the front and back panels. I love the way I can just unzip the front, put it over the top and snap it into the back clips. So even when it is 40 below I will be able to Idle my days away with a good book! What a great retirement present to myself!